Haven’t written in a while as we’ve been gallivanting around Northern Ireland and then I took myself off to Walberswick
I’m not sure if I have Brexit- anxiety , eco-anxiety or am just plain scared , but with all this horrible , nasty ,destructive , narcissistic ( Boris ) politics going on , there was one voice that hit home .
It came from the newly elected speaker ,Sir Lindsay Hoyle’ and in his opening speech said this
”…..I also want to say to my family…
( there’s a difficult part I want to get over )
There is one person who is not here.
My daughter,Natalie. I wish she’d been here ,We all miss her as a family , no more so than her mum, Miriam.
I’ve got to say , she was everything to all of us .
She will always be missed ,but she will always be in our hearts.”